31 December 2014

it's the end of the year as we know it, and i feel like showing some dodger double play turns

one last post in 2014, and it's all dodgers and all double play turns.  too bad there's no davey lopes or bill russell.  there is, however, their infield coach jim gilliam, turning two on his 1995 topps brooklyn archives 1956 reprint card
i dont think i knew that topps had listed gilliam as an outfielder on his 1956 card.  he's definitely not playing as an outfielder on the card.

here's a 2009 topps chrome orlando hudson xfractor
i'm working on updating my double play binders. there are a number of dodger dps, like the hudson above, that i only have one copy of.  i'm trying to get a handle on that so i can pursue duplicates appropriately.  i know i only have one of these - a 2011 topps ivan dejesus factory set limited edition card
but i might have two of his diamond anniversary parallel
conversely, i actually do have two copies of rafael furcal's 2011 topps factory set limited edition card
but maybe only one of the diamond anniversary parallel
furcal's 2011 topps card may be the best double play card of the set (remember - dee gordon's fantastic double play card came in 2011 topps update), and i had been lax in chasing the parallels.  so, here are the cognac,
and walmart black versions
the same photo was also used in 2011 topps chrome, thankfully, so here are the orange refractor
and xfractor parallels
gordon got his first taste of the topps flagship in 2012, when he was featured on a rookie cup card and another card that showed him turning two with larry 'chipper' jones sliding in.  this is the golden sparkle parallel
fast forward to 2014, and we had more parallels of dodgers turning two.  i found a yellow parallel of mark ellis from 2014 topps a while back
i definitely only have one of those.

same with this other retail parallel - a 2014 topps alex guerrero green border
it's a tatooine card, too, but i'm currently focused on two copies - the tatooine collection can wait.

i'm less certain about some of the other parallels of this card that i have, like his gold card,
red hot foil,
and 2014 topps chrome cards
pretty sure i have two copies of his 2014 topps chrome refractor
but i know i only have one 2014 topps chrome blue refractor
orange refractor,
and xfractor.
in fact, the duplicate xfractor is one of my nefarious 9 - my most wanted cards.

i'll finish the post, and year, with this - one of my 1953 bowman color pee wee reese cards
that i finally removed from its casing.  this is the one in my dodger binder - the one with the pinhole is in the double play binder.

happy new year everybody - if you can't tell, i'm resolving to work on my want/have lists.


Fuji said...

Two Reeses? Life isn't fair. ;) Happy New Year!

Robert said...

Would love to know where Reese landed after that photo was taken.

Happy New Year GCRL!