10 December 2014

the stuff of legends

so, i finally finished the 2004 upper deck legends timeless teams base set team subset posts over at the timeless teams blog yesterday.  the set sort of went out with a whimper with the 1995 yankees as the final team featured.  anyway, over the next couple of months, i plan to show some of the inserts from the release - numbered parallels, parallel autos, multi-player autos, and multi-player relics.  some will come from my collection, and others will be borrowed from the interwebs.

here's three from my collection that will be shown over there eventually, starting with the 1/1 davey lopes autograph
from the dodgers' 1974 team subset.  the '1 of 1' stamp was applied to the card after it was signed (i used to have a bert campaneris 1/1 that showed the stamp on top of the auto)

here's the back of one of the dodgers' multi-player 'team terrific' relics
featuring six members of the team of my youth

and here's the back of a gold parallel of george foster's 1979 card
see, it's not all about the dodgers all of the time.  with that said, does anyone have a gold parallel dodger card to spare?

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