11 December 2014

gone gordon

the dodgers did quite a bit of wheeling and dealing yesterday, completely revamping their double play combo from hanley ramirez/dee gordon to jimmy rollins/howie kendrick.  hanley was already gone as a free agent, but dee was traded to the marlins for some players and andrew heaney, who was used to get kendrick.  i think i might have rather kept heaney or traded him for something other than a 30-year old second baseman.  anyway, i had finally found a target red parallel version of dee's fantastic 2011 topps update card a while back
but had never gotten around to showing the former nefarious 9 need.  here are a couple more gordon cards that have been sitting in my scanned folder - 2014 bowman chrome
and 2014 topps update red hot foil
dan haren was also part of the trade with the marlins, so i might as well add him to this post, too.  here's his 2014 topps red hot foil parallel
and target red parallel
i wonder how difficult it would be for the topps photoshoppers to actually find out what number players like haren will be wearing with their new teams.  there's usually a press conference with the jersey presentation, and even if that weren't the case with haren, it shouldn't be too hard to find out what number he was going to wear.

while haren may retire rather than play for a team based outside of california, gordon should roam the marlins' infield for quite some time, at least until the next marlins fire sale.

now that i found that target red parallel, let's take another look at the dee gordon 2011 topps update rainbow.

walmart blue
target red
diamond anniversary
diamond anniversary hope diamond
diamond anniversary cognac
and with a through the mail/private signing autograph
i'll miss the dee gordon double play cards as a dodger, but on the bright side, i'll only need to collect one of each instead of two.