16 December 2014

my 1961 topps sampler set

this will be the last of my sampler set posts.  you'll just have to trust me that i put together samplers (at least one card for each team, subset, color combo, etc) for the 1962-69 topps sets.  this is what i had for 1961 topps.
if you're keeping track, the 1961 set has league leaders, rookie cups, rookie stars, team cards, managers, combos, world series highlights, checklists, baseball thrills, mvp's, and sporting news all-stars.  it also featured a couple of new teams - the twins and angels - to bring the total to 18.  here's the backs of the second sheet from my sampler
the team card is oriented properly, topps just printed the backs upside down. that's how i see it, anyway.

one of my favorite cards in the set is dick schofield's, and one card that i really wanted when i started this endeavor about 12 years ago was the lou gehrig baseball thrills card.  i settled for the rogers hornsby one, then picked up the chesbro and the cadore/oeschger later.  the latter card stays in my collection, since it features the brooklyn robins' pitcher (cadore) who threw 26 innings on may 1, 1920. here are all the dodgers from the 1961 set.
one of which looks more like a phillie.

i've thought a bit about it, and i'll probably go find a gehrig baseball thrills for my collection, even though i've disassembled the sampler.  if i applied reason to my collection, i would have stopped collecting a long time ago.


Nick said...

Great sampler! Topps really needs to bring back those giant Rookie Cups.

night owl said...

Whoa, whoa, whoa ... gotta add a Dodger to the '61 Want List (Cadore).

Mark Hoyle said...

Is that Ernie banks on that checklist

gcrl said...

Looks like it to me, mark.