23 June 2013

three packs of 2013 topps series 2 plus a rack pack and a value box, too

i bought some series 2 cards the other day at target.  i didn't have time to make it to any one of the lcs's around town, even though i had a handful of 80's junk to trade for a quarter pack of the new stuff.  i wound up paying full price for three packs, a rack pack, and one of those value boxes where all the cards are in a single clear wrapper.  here are some highlights.

jonathan papelbon
did i say highlights?  this was the first card that i saw and i thought about walking away after seeing it.

troy tulowitzki 1972 mini
it's a double play!  of course, it's also the same photo used in the recent archives release.

here's another dp - marco scutaro
we've also seen that photo before, courtesy of this year's opening day release.

derek norris
here's where i started getting confused.  this card was in my second pack.  i initially thought that this might be a short print, but then i remembered that the home plate/post game celebrations were short prints last year.  right?  i can't keep it straight.  then i noticed the little person and forgot all about short prints.

bryce harper emerald parallel
i have been a harper magnet this year.  or maybe he just has a lot of cards.

jose reyes wbc insert
i'll have to check the checklist for the wbc set.  it would be cool if they included coaches like mike piazza or fernando.

pack 3 included a couple more cards that i thought might be short prints

steve lombardozzi was one
but i guess gatorade bath shots are standard issue

here's the third double play card i pulled - one in each pack!  it's ruben tejada
the last card in the third pack was this very nice michael bourn card
another short print?  at least this would be in line with the series one sp's.  but, no.  still a nice looking card.

on to the rack pack.  this card might be the most memorable one of the bunch.  so much...orange
i think after i get a handle on the memorials collection, i will turn my attention to tattooine shots like this one.  not a blade of grass in sight.

here's my first dodger of series 2, luis cruz
same photo as the team set.  speaking of which, i will get to my annual comparison this week.

more double play action, courtesy of asdrubal cabrera
and, another dodger - carl crawford
same photoshopped photo from the opening day set.  where's the effort?

here's a chasing history carlos gonzalez foil card
and stephen strasburg
you might be able to tell that i was struggling to find cards to scan at this point.  especially when you see what's next.

yes, a giant - andres torres target red parallel
i have definitely been a magnet for giants parallels this year.  hopefully arpsmith gets settled soon and we can make some trades.

here's an evan gattis target red, too
i will break the law and not mention what his former occupation was.

the last card from the rack pack is a jurickson profar 'making their mark' insert
not sure if they are all like this, but profar's celebrates his first big league home run.

on to the box.

here's tulowitzki's base card
no double play.

mariano rivera gets a nice card - and number 600 in the set
i hope topps includes a card of rivera in the 2014 set, and that it looks this nice.  this photo would have been a good one to go out on, but a true final tribute would be even better, regardless of the photo.

here is a very happy sandy koufax on a gold foil chasing history card
and here is willie mays on one as well
a sampling of the red parallels in the box - cc sabathia
he is, as of yesterday, 2 wins shy of his 200th win.  which is not a record, by the way.  more like a milestone chase.

as if to prove my point about being a bryce harper magnet, here is his 'making their mark' insert
like the profar, it too celebrates his first major league home run.  so, i'm guessing all of these inserts do just that.

i was expecting a manupatch in the box, but i guess those are just for blasters.  instead, i got this alex rodriguez cut to the chase die cut card
i will end with another card that i initially thought could have been an sp - justin ruggiano
too bad it's not.  now i will never be able to get rid of it.  like ruggiano in the photo, marlins cards leave me cold.

let me know if you want to trade for any of these.  other than the dodgers and the double plays, they are up for grabs, along with the rest of the stuff i got from these packs.


Superduperman99 said...

I'll trade you for any Cardinals or some of the inserts you pulled. Email me at cardscrush99@yahoo.com and maybe we can work out a deal.

Captain Canuck said...

sweet mamma jamma. A Gattis red border and you didn't LEAD with that one? It's pretty much the best card in the set man!