08 June 2013

cards from the hot corner

i am, once again, woefully behind on trade posts. here are some cards that i received from hot corner cards.  i have completed several trades with pat, and he always sends good stuff.  here is but a small part of the most recent package.

1982 kmart steve garvey
this was the first retail box set i can remember buying.  i wasn't sure at the time what the 20th anniversary was about. i guess it was kmart's 20th, but to me, the local kmart looked like it opened in 1940 and hadn't been updated since.  this set was also the second time i had seen 'cards that should have been' as it used the 1962 topps maury wills card that had been created for the 1975 topps mvp subset.

garvey's was one of four dodger cards in the set; the others being wills, sandy koufax (1963), and a don drysdale highlight

not all cards need to be of mvp's or boyhood heroes - so here's a 1986 fleer ken howell card
 and a 1993 fleer ultra mike sharperson card
that's two days in a row that i've shown sharpy on the blog.  as a guy who played all over the infield myself, i appreciated his versatility.

now we've entered the new and shiny and/or parallel part of the haul.  from 2013 topps, pat sent me the chris capuano emerald parallel
 and the target red parallel
plus clayton kershaw's target red parallel
 and aj ellis's as well, with kershaw in the foreground
as i understand it, the dodgers have a standing dare for someone to approach kershaw in the dugout during one of his starts and ask him an oddball question, such as 'was the end of inception a dream'.  maybe that's what is being discussed in this photo.

here's andre ethier's 2013 topps heritage chrome parallel
is this the last heritage release that will feature ethier as a dodger?  we should know in about 8 weeks.

the last couple of cards i will show are double play turns.  this one is from 2010 topps pro debut
and yes, i will consider this a turn even though i can't see the second base bag or a runner sliding in.  it's my prerogative.  goins is in aaa this year, by the way, but didn't get a call up when jose reyes was injured.

here's a no-doubter - 2012 topps opening day erick aybar
thanks for the cards pat!

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