10 June 2013

black border, black armband

i am surprised that i did not know the story of paul edmondson until now.  sure, i have a card of his in my 1970 topps set binder, 
but i had no idea that the promising right hander was killed in a car accident before the start of spring training in 1970.  it was before i was born, but i have driven the same stretch of road - us 101 betwenn slo-town and santa barbara - hundreds and hundreds of times.  so did dustin hoffman in the graduate, by the way.  

the white sox recognized their teammate with black armbands during the 1970 season.  tom mccraw's 1971 topps card shows the memorial nicely.
the armband is also seen on tommy john's card, but i already have that card in my evolution of the 1978 topps dodgers binder (as well as my 1971 topps set binder) and i like to mix it up a bit.

here is my evolving list of memorials and the cards i have showcasing them.  it's not yet completely up to date, but let me know if you have a card that you think i might need.


BaseSetCalling said...

new Salvador Perez card in Archives almost shows the complete "Splitt" patch the Royals wore last year for Paul Splittorf. I don't have a complete set of of 2012 Topps of any set so I don't know if it is the best example possible, but it might be.

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