28 June 2013

stick 'em to me

after hosting the 1983 fleer star sticker group break, i was motivated to pick up some more stickers for my collection.  for the longest time, i ignored stickers - seeing them as less important or even not something worthy of being in my collection.  i have since come to recognize that some sticker releases have merit, especially those with different and sometimes better photos than the card releases.  here's a 1982 topps steve garvey sticker
that includes dodger stadium world series action.  topps did not acknowledge the 1981 world series in their 1982 flagship release.  of course, topps also had boring photos in their sticker sets, like this garvey from their 1983 release
which uses a photo from 1981, and this davey lopes sticker
fleer's 1984 stickers set included some nice images, like the one on ken landreaux's sticker
featuring an on deck dodger stadium pose.  fleer went on the road for tom lasorda's photo
as well as steve sax's
but stayed in chavez ravine to capture fernando's eyes to the sky windup
pedro guerrero got two stickers in the 1984 fleer set
i wonder what the story is behind the little prison window in the dugout.

here's fernando's 1985 fleer star sticker
i think fernando was the only dodger who had that type of pullover.  he is featured on a number of cards wearing it, and i don't recall seeing any other dodgers in similar gear on cards.  or stickers.

here's former dodger lee lacy on his 1985 fleer star sticker
i don't know why some years they were 'star stickers' and some years just 'stickers'.  they varied the sticker size, too.  in 1986, fleer went back to full sized stickers.  they stayed that way for the 1987 star sticker release, too.

here are sax
and reggie williams
from that set, along with former dodger charlie hough
hough is best remembered by most as a ranger, i suppose.  still, i held out a little hope that his sp in this year's archives release would show him in a dodger uniform.  i was also expecting a dodger uniform when i ordered the rick honeycutt 1984 fleer sticker.  instead, i got another ranger
i figured i had a 50/50 shot at being right.  honey has since been sent off to texas where he belongs.

ok, enough with the stickers.  back to cards tomorrow.


Captain Canuck said...

speaking of stickers, did you ever send out the ones from the group break?

BaseSetCalling said...

I was in a shop yesterday with a few different boxes of different years of Fleer stickers. I think next time I am up that way I will inventory what they have for sale, and then try and find a gallery of some of the different years, and pick one to try out. I really like the scattered partial sets I have of Fleer stickers from my youth, with the history-of-baseball type themes on the front and back.