11 June 2013

day-glo believer

i stopped at one of the local card shops yesterday for my special 2013 topps archives quarter pack with exclusive hobby day-glo insert.  it was the fourth trip i had made to an lcs (second time here, two other trips to two other lcs) in the last couple of weeks looking for these things.  thanks for the delay, topps.

anyhow, this guy didn't let me pick the pack, and limited me to just one.  i got the feeling that he didn't want to give me anything too good, and was hoping that no one would ask for these so that he could bust them all next week after the promotion expires.

for the record, only one of the three shops i went to had the postcard flyers alerting me to the promotion (it wasn't the one i bought the pack at), and the other shop denied any knowledge of its existence, telling me that it was probably a mail-in promotion.  right.

so, the guy gave me a pack with gary carter on top and starlin castro on the bottom, two cards i already had (as you will see tomorrow).  in the middle, however, was this guy - clayton kershaw
i had to take a picture of it because my scanner made it look like this
the other two fellows in the special five card pack were tony cingriani and joey votto.  not bad for a nickel a card.

then, i spent $5 on a pack of the regular issue, and got a bob tewksbury short print for my troubles.
yay.  i remember seeing tewksbury pitch when he was with the twins in 1998.  i was disappointed because he didn't allow a home run to mark mcgwire (just a fly ball to the wall) at the game i attended.  yes, i bought into the magical (and chemical) summer of '98.

at least i got a dodger insert, so i am happy.  now i just have to go back and trade some '88 topps cards for some series two packs in two weeks or whenever topps decides to release it.


Play at the Plate said...

It's always more fun when you get a guy you really want. Congrats.

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