02 June 2013

double play cards from the dollar store

here are some cards that came my way via the blog sportscards from the dollar store.  doug took part in my 1983 fleer sticker group break, and offered to send some cards my way to offset the higher shipping costs to the great white north.  that he did.  here's a 2010 upper deck 'all world' insert of canadian catcher russell martin
that was the lone card in the package that did not feature a double play, if i recall correctly.  ready for some dp's?  here we go...

1990 upper deck ryne sandberg
1991 fleer ultra bill ripken
with a special appearance by harold reynolds

1991 score al newman
1992 classic i pat kelly
i am too lazy to look, but i think this is the same play that is on his 1992 donruss triple play awesome action card.  ok, i was motivated to look.  it's not, but it is eerily similar...

1992 classic i roberto alomar
with chuck knoblauch sliding in, which is kind of cool because here is knobby's 1992 classic i card
i had not seen any cards from this set before.  they feature questions on the back like other classic cards, but also have a stadium shot.  here's the back of knoblauch's card featuring the minneapolis skyline and the hhh metrodome.
there are a few newer buildings these days, and the metrodome's roof is new with a bunch of purple text on it since it is only home to the vikings now.  and that's just for one more season.

more dp cards from the dollar store coming up later.  thanks for the cards doug - you should be getting your stickers (along with a few other cards soon)!

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