11 June 2013

here's my first (but not last) post about 2013 topps archives

this one focuses on the base cards of dodger players, plus a couple of sp's.  i have to start the post with the lone dodger sp in the set this year, davey lopes.
even though that photo was used in the 2004 upper deck legends timeless teams set, it's good to see lopes in a set.  and, with the 1976 design, we get the double play turning people in the corner of the card.

here's my first hyun-jin ryu card
i like the color scheme topps chose for the dodgers in the 1990 part of the set.  this andre ethier
is a good looking card.

here's clayton kershaw - the lone dodger in the 1985 part of the set
and jackie robinson who represents the dodgers in the 1982 subset
and then there are the 1972's.

adrian gonzalez
matt kemp
and hanley ramirez
it's a curious thing that topps chose 1972 for one of the designs this year, as they are also using it in the flagship insert mini set.  they didn't do that with 1987 last year.  if they had to load up on 1972, it would have been better to mix up the color schemes, i think.

i also picked up a couple of non-dodger short prints - bob welch
and charlie hough
because i thought it was pretty cool that they were included in the set.  i might also pick up the dave parker and larry bowa sp's because of the 1978 design, but i said that about greg luzinski last year and still haven't done it.  i am still looking for a couple of dodger inserts, though, so if you have a pedro guerrero 1983 all-star, please let me know!


Play at the Plate said...

I pulled the Pedro today. It's all yours.

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