09 June 2013

hello larry!

larry harlow's 1978 topps card showed up in my mailbox yesterday - the result of an increasingly rare ttm request
i have a couple hundred cards (at least) from the 1978 topps set signed, and harlow's is the latest addition to that collection.  i have really reduced the amount of ttm requests that i send out because i have pretty much exhausted the list of known signers who were in the 78 set, and also because fewer and fewer players seem to be signing these days.  in harlow's case, i noticed a success posted online and figured i would give it a shot as i do anytime a 1978 topps player pops up.

i also recently sent three 1978 topps cards to a chris potter signing that i hope to have back soon, and i included a 78 card in a request i sent to steve garvey in march (i am worried that those were lost in the mail on the way back to me, assuming that he signed them - a pretty good bet as i included a donation to his preferred charity - youth baseball of palm springs).  other than those requests, i doubt we will see too many more of these things on the blog.

thanks for signing my card larry.


MrMopar said...

If you prefer to get these TTM, then this might be pointless, however i have hundreds of 78T signed cards as well, including a ridiculous amount of dupes. I am open to trading some you might need if you wanted to. I'm sure if you have dupes of any of your cards, there is something I could use with our similar tastes. I would love to make the 78 signed set, but figure that won't happen, as I am unwilling to buy certain cards (munson, Bostock, etc) that will break the bank. Not sure how close I am, as the cards are sorted by player. I know I am near complete on the dodgers and M's. Just need Pasley! I googled him and found out he was arrested in Arizona not too long ago, so maybe that is why you don't see his signatures too often.

gcrl said...

I saw pasley's mugshot too. I will get a list posted of cards I need from the set and we can go from there.