12 June 2013

tales from the 2013 topps archives blaster (and bonus rack pack)

i bought a blaster of 2013 topps archives just like a lot of folks.  once again, if you are disappointed with this year's release, you weren't paying attention last year.  it's pretty much the same.

here's a quick run through the packs.

pack 1
mike trout
tony cingrani
ryan howard
bryce harper
gio gonzalez
gary carter
ryne sandberg (1983 all-star insert)
tony gwynn

gwynn is wearing the ray a kroc memorial that the pads actually wore for three seasons.  i'll delve into that in another post.

pack 2
jose altuve
jim johnson
jean segura
cal ripken jr
brandon morrow
jayson werth
yogi berra - johnny bench - joe mauer - buster posey (1969 decals insert)
harmon killebrew

i was hoping that topps would give the nationals the same color scheme that the expos had in 1972.  no dice.  and, look upon the beauty that is harmon killebrew's signature.  i'm glad that topps used the 1982 design for the killer so that his auto would be displayed.

pack 3
felix hernandez
alex rios
kris medlen
desmond jennings
nelson cruz
tom brunansky (sp)
avisail garcia
josh willingham

bruno is back with the twins this year, serving as the hitting coach.

pack 4
adam dunn
carlos santana
tim hudson
eric hosmer
corey hart
miguel montero
lou brock (1970's basketball design insert)
kyle lohse

i like the brock card.  i'll have to see if there are any dodgers in that insert set.  i wish topps had done the o-pee-chee variation thing with lohse's card.  heck, they could have done the dave lopes thing at the very least.

pack 5
mike minor
andre ethier
jose bautista
mat latos
yoenis cespedes
darwin barney
tony gwynn (1983 all-star insert)
tom seaver

as i said yesterday, i like the look of ethier's card

pack 6
adam wainwright
dave winfield
matt kemp
jesus montero
jake peavy
albert pujols
otis nixon (tall boy insert)
troy tulowitzki

as others have noted, it is curious that topps used the 1972 design for this set when it it already in play with the flagship set.  however, it would have been cool if they had used pujols to recreate the classic billy cowan card from 41 years ago - even though they would have had to go out to the parking lot to do it.  i am not a fan of those tall boy inserts, but i do love me some tulowitzki double play turning!

pack 7
mark teixeira (yes, his mouth is open)
starling marte
jered weaver
starlin castro
lance lynn
brandon belt
dwight evans (sp)
mark trumbo

starlin and starling in the same pack.  dewey is, like gwynn up above, wearing a memorial.  is his case, i believe it is the armband worn for tony conigliaro in 1990, and not the one worn in 1976 for tom yawkey based on evans' appearance.

pack 8
buster posey
cj wilson
adam eaton
justin morneau
brandon beachy
roy halladay
ruben sierra/nelson cruz (takeoff of 1983 super veteran insert)
ted williams

i am unsure why topps didn't just do a super veteran insert set.  the williams card is nice, and roy halladay seems to have been caught near a nuclear blast site.

i also picked up a rack pack for no good reason.
marco scutaro
ryan braun
cal ripken jr
derek jeter
ryan howard
cliff lee
harmon killebrew
curtis granderson
gio gonzalez
brandon morrow
alfonso soriano
yovani gallardo
mike olt
freddie freeman
tony gwynn
salvador perez
ellis burks (tall boy insert)
bryce harper

that was a bust.  seven doubles (if i counted right) and my least favorite insert set.  perez is wearing the paul splittorff memorial, but i'll try to find a card that shows the whole patch.

all of these cards are available (except for the tulo), so if you want any let me know.


The Junior Junkie said...

Can I take that Ted Williams off your hands? I'll send you Dodgers from the Archives blaster I recently bought.

gcrl said...

Yes you can. I will see if I can find some other stuff for you as well.

night owl said...

Love the tall boys. It's about the only thing in the set that stands out.

Nick said...

I agree, I'm not sure why Topps didn't just do a "Super Veteran" subset instead of those "Dual Fan Favorites" things.

I think those "Super Veterans" would've been a terrific add to this year's series.