22 June 2013

when trades collide

i have had the pleasure recently of completing a number of great trades.  sometimes, when the trades are happening quickly and concurrently, overlap happens.  i probably should work harder to get my want lists under control (and updated), but i am in no way complaining.

here's a 2013 topps johnny podres auto from the chasing history insert set
i wish that there were base versions of all of the auto cards in this insert set.  there is a steve garvey auto in series 2, but no regular base.  i am guessing that the auto is short printed, too, based on the fact that only two have been up on ebay in the last week.

here are some true parallels from 2013 topps - brandon league
and his replacement at closer, kenley jansen
thanks arpsmith!

doc holoday got into the trade action, too, with some walmart blue borders of his own.  here's a 2012 topps aaron harang parallel
 and a 2012 topps kenley jansen as well
doc went to target for some 2012 topps update - here are the jerry hairston
 and aj ellis target parallels
hard to believe i haven't shown that card on here before.  i think there were a number of blogs that showcased that card, so that's probably why i didn't bother.  yup - i just checked my scanned folder and pretty much all of my 2012 update cards are still sitting there.  except for adam kennedy, of course.

moving on to 2013, here is aj ellis' walmart blue parallel from the flagship
again with a lurker

and here's chad billingsley, too
thanks doc!

here's bills
and aj again
courtesy of brian at play at the plate

he also sent the dee gordon walmart blue parallel
in all of its double play glory

plus paco rodriguez
jerry hairston
and a target red parallel of andre ethier
so, certainly some overlap there with the cards and players received in each package.  the big overlap, however, was that brian also sent this card
dos podres-es!

owning two sticker autos of a deceased world series mvp is not a bad problem to have.

thanks guys for the trades - i will be showing more of the loot from these deals later!


night owl said...

Pssst. I have a number of Podres autos but I can't see you having 2 of the same one. I'll be a sport and take one of your hands. :)

gcrl said...

One of my hands? How about a podres auto instead?

night owl said...
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night owl said...

Morning's aren't for typing (or evenings, apparently).