02 June 2013

more double play cards from the dollar store

as promised this morning, here are some more cards that i received from doug of sportscards from the dollar store.  

1992 donruss triple play royce clayton
featuring craig biggio.  between those two guys there are a ton of double play cards.

1992 pinnacle lou whitaker
when i first started collecting dp cards, i was more concerned with second basemen making the turn, since that was the position i played most of the time in high school and beyond.  but then i started to play more shortstop after moving to minneapolis and remembered that the best turn is the groundball to the shortstop's left that he can take to the bag himself.  so, i don't discriminate.  still, i might enjoy seeing lou, steve sax, biggio and other 2b's making the turn a little bit more.  like jose lind on his 1993 donruss card.  no, not the front which has the o-pee-chee like traded text
but the back
not sure what sort of pin lind is wearing on his cap there.  any ideas?

here's another second baseman who also is wearing a pin on his hat - joey cora on a 1995 donruss card
i think cora's pin(s) had to do with his home country of puerto rico.

here's a 2012 topps yuniesky betancourt card
betancourt is playing more first base these days as a brewer.  at least that's where he was the other night when i saw him play at target field.

also from 2012 topps, here is aaron hill
and dustin pedroia
the last two cards are from 2012 topps chrome - troy tulowitzki
and jordany valdespin
it's nice to see that topps used a different photo of valdespin than the one they used for his update card.  this one shows the 'kid 8' memorial patch very well.  it might even make the memorial binder, but i'll leave that to a separate post.

thanks again doug!

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