27 June 2013

four bucks for forty

quite a while ago, i sent some cards to bill buckner to be signed, happily paying his $10/auto fee.  for some reason, the results of that request have sat in my scanned folder for about three years.  enough, i say!  here are the cards from my billy buck ttm success!

1970 topps
1972 topps
ah, the rookie cup.  i actually had another one of these cards signed before this batch (along with a 1978 topps card), but traded it as part of the spring training/padres series auto deal with reader cory.

1973 topps
and 1975 topps
it was good to see buckner in dodger duds earlier this month as part of the old-timers game.  even though he was not officially a part of the 1977 or 1978 dodgers (the teams of my youth), i was still a fan.

thanks bill!

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