07 April 2012

sportscaster goodness - the triple play. sort of.

here's another 1977-79 sportscaster card i haven't shown before.  it celebrates the ultimate rally killer - the triple play.  of course, it does so by showing a double play turn at second base.
i know that this is not a play within a triple play thanks to the back.
we are told that rick burleson (featured on the front) "figured in red sox triple play", but with a review of baseball's triple plays from the 1970's we learn that the triple play in which burleson was involved consisted of him catching a line drive, stepping on second to put out a wayward runner, and throwing to first to triple up another guy who strayed too far.  that event took place against the california angels - not the kansas city royals (hello, amos otis).  

since the card is 30-some years old, some of the text is out of date.  there have now been 15 unassisted triple plays in major league history, with the most recent occurring on august 23, 2009.  on that day, eric bruntlett of the phillies retired three mets on a single play, becoming the second person to record a game ending unassisted triple play.

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topher (Crackin Wax/Varsity Trading Cards) said...

Wasn't that last triple play the one where the player seemed like he didn't really understand what he was doing until someone yelled it out to him? For some reason I remember it being kind of hilarious.