31 May 2012

i went about this the wrong way - front to back instead of back to front

after a fair amount of searching, i finally picked up a set of 1978 fleer hi gloss stickers.  it was a master set,  which means that it includes all of the different team logos, as well as the background color variations.  yes, apparently there were pink, white, and blue background variations for some of the stickers.  for instance, here is a yankees sticker.
isn't it pretty in pink?  yeah, i know - scoreboard.

now, i know you know all about this release because you read about it over at the fantastic fleer sticker project blog.  right?  well, i'm still going to show you some of the different stickers.  all the teams had at least two different stickers - the city/state name and logo, and the hat logo and team name.  here's the twins, for example:
minny and paul are back for good at target field, and the twins have worn their red caps now and again, i think.

and how about the astros:
they have had some pretty bad logos.

those logos are even worse than the astros'

the rangers'  logo with the cowboy hat always makes me think of that cartoon psa character that had a hankering for a hunk of cheese.  it's the combination of the hat and the round ball.

and, of course, i have to show the dodgers:
the guy who sold me the set also included a wrapper.  luckily for me, it was one of the wrappers that featured the national playoff teams from 1977 rather than the american league teams.
here's the mlb sticker just for fun:
but, as i am sure you are aware, i was interested in this set because of the backs.  i desperately wanted to own the complete puzzle of dodger stadium, even though i would be reminded of their defeat in the 1977 world series.  this puzzle back tells the tale all too well
as in 4 games to 2.  but, we have the unmistakable pitched roof of the left field pavilion to enjoy.  here are four stickers put together to identify just who the 1977 national league champions were, in case you were unsure.
excellent.  so, i put the puzzle together on the counter, and what did i find?
i'm missing two backs.  goldangit.  i should have asked the seller if it was a complete puzzle, rather than a complete master sticker set.  i don't suppose anyone out there has any 1978 fleer grand slam hi-gloss sticker lying around?  anyone?  i'll check with the seller to see if he has any, but rest assured that these will be on the nefarious 9 very soon.

as an aside, i can't tell who is in the field and who is batting, but i am assuming the image is from the 1977 fall classic.  if i had to guess, i would say that jim gilliam is in the first base coaches box, and so the dodgers are up to bat.  anyone have any better ideas?


Captain Canuck said...

wow. very cool. can't believe a complete set doesn't make a full puzzle though.

CaptKirk42 said...

Cool set. Very frustrating about the puzzle. reminds me of some of the non-sport stuff I have. I have a complete set of 1982 Donruss "M*A*S*H*" cards but some of the puzzles are incomplete due to the random variations they had for that set. I had bought the set off of Ebay years ago and wasn't aware of the back variations until getting the set. I hate when card companies pull that with sets.

Hopefully those 2 pieces you need are not short prints.

gcrl said...

I did contact the seller and he said he had the backs I am missing. Apparently there are some sp backs as it takes a few boxes of product to get the full puzzle. Who knew?

Jeff Laws said...

I liked this post but mainly because of the old team logo's. That Twins one really struck a memory. I hadn't seen it in so long, I had forgotten about it.