21 February 2013

i've got friends with vintage bargain bins

it's been a while since i've been to a card show.  the last time might actually have been when i met up with carl crawford cards at what was a pretty weak show.  now that i think about it, it was the show that i grabbed the 1955 topps sandy koufax card.  either way, just because i haven't been to a show for while doesn't mean i don't have cards to show from previous visits to one of the monthly gatherings of like minded dealers and collectors.

i've posted a few times about the two vendors with the vintage bargain bins.  they both are at the point where they recognize me and will sometimes hand me a vintage dodger card from behind the counter when i approach.  case in point, my 1956 topps gil hodges card
one of the dealers knows that condition is not always my biggest concern, and he greeted me at a show last year by telling me he had something that he was sure i would be interested in
why yes, i was very interested in a cheap version of a 1956 topps dodger team card.  sharp corners aren't going to make me appreciate the card any more than i do already.  world champs!

there are some less heralded cards that i have picked up over the last couple of years that i also appreciate, as they helped me finish off my 1960's dodger team sets.  here's a 1961 topps john roseboro
and a 1961 topps roger craig
craig's card is a high number, which meant it wasn't in the bargain bin.  no, it was in the 'half priced' bin which had cards priced well below book further reduced by half.

joe moeller's 1964 topps card is also a high number
but it was in the bargain bin.

that's also where i found ron fairly's 1964 topps card
i thought about passing on it since it is miscut, but it was only a buck if i recall correctly.

here's one more card i picked up on the cheap - a 1962 topps don drysdale all-star card
with that card, i have all of the drysdale's issued by topps - from 1957 through 1969, plus his 1963 fleer.  but that's a card for another post.

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