08 February 2013

the second daily dose of the dimwit

not a group break this time, but rather a good old fashioned trade!  yes, sam at the daily dimwit and i complete a trade recently, and this is some of what he sent my way.

first up,  a well loved 1958 topps pee wee reese card
paired with a largely ignored 1984 topps dave anderson card
i suppose all these cards have in common are the position (although pee wee gets some hot corner cred), the team, and the yellow background.  it's always a nice surprise to get some 1950's stuff in a blind trade package - even better when it's pee wee.

here are some clayton kershaw minis - from 2011 topps allen & ginter
and from 2011 topps gypsy queen
ginter wins.  ted lilly may be seeing his turn as the other dodger starter to be featured in sets coming to a close with the arrival of zack greinke and the dude from asia.  no, not the band asia, the continent.  so, enjoy these 2011
and 2012 topps gypsy queen minis while you can
duke snider is not likely to be removed from the retro set checklists anytime soon.  here's his 2012 topps gypsy queen mini
more gypsy queen stuff was in the package, like this matt kemp parallel
and the mini kemp
and dee gordon sliding stars inserts
kemp looks like he is doing scissor twists.  here's the full size version of the gordon card - i had it laying around
it looks better non-miniaturized.

here's an allen webster card from 2011 bowman platinum
webster is now with the red sox, thanks to the adrian gonzalez deal.  he pitched at aa last year with modest results.

one pitching prospect i hope to goodness that ned doesn't deal away is zach lee
this is a 2012 bowman sterling autographed card - the second lee auto i have in my collection.

thanks sam!

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