24 February 2013

turn it like beckham

so, it was the junior junkie who answered my call and sent me a 2013 topps gordon beckham card featuring the first dp turn of the year, as far as i knew.
he also threw in a blue bordered jason kipnis
and a landscape brendan ryan

with a horizontal angel, too.

thomas sent me a separate box with a bunch of other dp cards that i will show off at another time.

i also received a short stack of 2013 topps dee gordon cards
thanks to my participation in crackin wax's case break.

are there any more double play cards in 2013 series one?  if so, let me know!

thanks thomas and topher!

1 comment:

tourist504 said...

There are plenty. Some good ones, too. When I have all of them, I'll send you some more.....