03 February 2013

maybe dave parker should have handled this one

time for the next installment of steve garvey's baseball tips, courtesy of post raisin bran cereal boxes back in 1979.  these were not the boxes with 'two scoops of raisins' in every box.  i am guessing they had about the same number, however.    anyway, this week the garv is telling us how to throw from the outfield.
dave parker put on an outfield throwing clinic in the 1979 all-star game, so i think i would rather hear from him than from garvey, who played only nine games total in the outfield.  despite all that, his advice is decent, if generic.  the sketched player looks like he is having trouble and could probably use more help.

darryl strawberry is doing ok on this 1992 pinnacle rookies idols card, as donald harris looks on.
i thought that this type of card might have been from a rookie/traded set, but thanks to baseballcardpedia i know that these were inserts in series 2 packs of regular ol' 1992 pinnacle.

mitch webser demonstrates his throwing motion on this 1994 topps card
as does tony mota on this 2000 topps traded card
actually, neither one of them looks too different from the guy sketched on the tip 'card'.  and, garvey does have an outfield assist to his credit (he threw bob watson out at second base back in 1973).  maybe i should take his advice more seriously.

only a couple of weeks until spring training starts!

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