15 February 2013


i got a pretty cool ttm return today - former dodger and current braves announcer joe simpson signed and returned my stuff in just about two weeks or so.  here's his 1979 topps card, which also features pedro guerrero and rudy law
that's his only card that features him as a dodger, a fact that i lamented when i made his 1978 topps dodgers burger king/update card that should have been.

i sent a copy of that card along as well, hoping that he would sign it.  he chose not too, but unlike al downing who simply wrote back that it was not a real card, simpson made sure that i knew the card was not real
in my letter, i tried to explain that i was a big fan of the 1977 and 1978 teams, and that i created these cards as a way to complete my team set.  it is certainly their prerogative as to whether they want to sign these (or any) cards, so i don't mind at all.  in fact, i greatly appreciate the fact that simpson took the time to sign the 1979 card.

it's not like the old days where i could watch tbs and listen to simpson, don sutton, and skip caray almost every night, which is probably a good thing since simpson is paired with chip caray these days.

thanks for signing my card, joe simpson!


Fuji said...

It's a shame that he didn't sign your custom 1978 card, because that's a great looking card. On the flipside... it's pretty cool that he took the time to write FAKE across the card. That's a story by itself.

MrMopar said...

It would tell me that he didn't actually read your letter, but then I imagine that they figure you just want the auto and that including a letter is just a means to an end. I suppose most wouldn't have time to read all of the letters in their fan mail, unless they really cared to do so.

The Angels In Order said...

I agree with Fuji. Pretty unique item to keep next to the one he signed. I had a guy put a sticker on a card saying it wasn't him.

gcrl said...

curt you are probably right. fuji and tom - i agree. i am in no way disappointed.