08 February 2013

a couple more from the dimwit

i wanted to show a couple more cards that i received in my trade with sam at the daily dimwit.  because of my ocd when it comes to labeling my posts, and the fact that blogger only allows 20 labels max per post, i couldn't fit all the goodness into the last post.  in fact, there is still much goodness from the trade that won't make this quick post.

anyway, here's a 2012 topps allen & ginter james loney relic thingy
next year, loney relics might be powder blue thanks to the rays unis.  i am interested to see how loney does in tampa.  i'm rooting for the guy to finally turn some doubles into home runs.

here's a 2011 topps marquee andre ethier parallel card sam sent
and here's the plain old base card that i already had in my collection
if these scans were at all helpful, you would see that the parallel card sam sent is more copper-ish with the foil.  really all i care about is that i have another card of ethier running around on tatooine.  and, showing a card from the trade that leads to showing another 2011 topps marquee that i already owned gives me the segue i need to show another one that i have had scanned for a while - sandy koufax's card, to be exact.
that is some left arm of god and dodger stadium goodness.  the only thing that would make this card better would be if we were able to see just a splash of the red uniform number on the front of the jersey.  but i'm not complaining - about that card or about the trade.  thanks again sam!

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Jeff W said...

"... ethier running around on tatooine."

+10 manna for you, GCRL