22 February 2013

time waits for no man

i just read an article by ken gurnick stating that steve garvey was diagnosed with prostate cancer last fall.  apparently he's doing well  now, and has decided to auction off many of his awards, including his 1974 mvp award and 1981 world series ring.

here's one of the latest additions to my garvey collection, a 1991 line drive card
it's nothing special, although it represents another check on the garvey checklist, and fills another spot in the binder.

garvey's health and his decision to part with his memorabilia may or may not be directly connected, but even if they aren't we all know there comes a time when those sorts of decisions need to be made.  my dad is at that point, and i will get there someday, too.  i just hope i am around long enough to be the one to decide how to rid myself of my stuff.

it will be interesting to see how the auction goes.  if i were a rich man, i just might take a shot at one of the items, but alas, i am not.  i'll just keep looking for some oddball cards instead.  until it's time to stop.

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steelehere said...

I used to work with Ken Gurnick years ago at an Internet company called AthletesDirect.com. He's been a Hall of Fame voter for years and told me that he's voted for Steve Garvey each year he was on the ballot.