19 February 2013

coaches man, coaches

one of the fun things about the keebler, mother's cookies, and police department issues of the 1980's and '90's (and 1960 topps plus a couple of early 1980 donruss releases) is the inclusion of coaches in the sets.  of all the folks in uniform, the coaches seem to get the least amount of respect - right behind the third string catcher and the long relief guy.

not here, not today.  here are some cards of coaches that i treasure, starting with a 1989 mother's rangers card.
why a rangers card?  well, there's dave lopes in the bottom right, just a season removed from his playing career.  he joined the rangers as a coach starting in 1988 after retiring following the 1987 season.  he stayed in texas through 1991, and then coached in baltimore from 1992 through 1994.  then he was off to san diego where he coached until he became the manager of the brewers in 2000.  after the brew crew fired him during the 2002 season, lopes returned to the padres for the 2003 season.  he stayed there until 2006 when he coached for the nationals, and then in 2007 he moved to philadelphia where he coached until he returned to los angeles for the 2011 season.  whew.  if anybody has any lopes cards from his other coaching stops after texas, you know i would be interested in them.

here's the dodgers' coaching staff in 1986, courtesy of the dodgers police set
there's ron perranoski, monty basgall, manny mota, joe amalfitano, don mcmahon, mark cresse, and ben hines.

in 1986, bill russell was still active, so he got his own card in the set
but, when 1987 rolled around, russell was on the coaches card in the dodgers police set from that year
this time, tommy lasorda makes an appearance, so it's perranoski, lasorda, amalfitano, mcmahon, mota, russell, and cresse.  mcmahon passed away during the 1987 season after suffering a heart attack while pitching batting practice at dodger stadium.

aside from the loss of mcmahon, it's pretty much the same crew that appears on the 1989 dodgers police coaches card, with two exceptions
hines is back, perranoski, lasorda, amalfitano, joe ferguson returns to the dodgers, cresse, russell, and mota. those same coaches appear on the 1989 mother's dodgers coaches card, too.
as well as the 1991 dodgers police card.
today, this card would look a lot different.  manny mota is the only one left, and he would be joined by mark mcgwire, rick honeycutt, ken howell, tim wallach, dave lopes, trey hillman, and chuck crim.  that wouldn't be a bad card to have.

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Jason Presley said...

This kind of card can be really tough for a player collector. So many checklists online either don't list the people on the card and simply show it as "Coaches Card" or the names are truncated, so you only get 2 or 3 names out of however many may actually be pictured.

I really wish the Mother's Cookies/Keebler sets were still being produced!