17 February 2013

johngy's beat-down on the nefarious 9

hey! you might have noticed some changes to the nefarious 9 over there on the right side of the blog.  those are my most wanted cards (within reason), and johngy recently sent me a couple that had been there for a while.

he also sent a bunch of cards from 2000 which was pretty cool.  here are a few of eric karros' cards issued by pacific that year.  first we have crown collection
next is just plain pacific
and this is paramount
not much variation in the photo selection there.

here's another karros card from crown collection - this one has the team checklist on the back
i do believe fabio is 'suttoning' there!

on to the nefarious 9 needs.  first up was a 1985 fleer steve sax card
not sure why i needed this but i did.  overlapping team sets and player collections wreak havoc on want lists.

the other most wanted card that johngy sent was this 1993 o-pee-chee premier jody reed card

back to the 2000's - that was the year that the shawn green proliferation began, and it started while he was still in blue jays attire.  here's his 2000 pacific crown collection card
his 2000 pacific paramount card
and his 2000 upper deck ovation card
2000 also meant kevin brown cards, so, like green, here are his pacific crown collection
and upper deck ovation cards.
i've mentioned before that i really like all the 2000 dodger cards because they often show the heroes patch that each player wore.  brown is wearing the koufax patch that was kept out of wide circulation.

darren dreifort, shown here on his 2000 fleer tradition card,
wore the drysdale patch, but it's really hard to make out on the card, unfortunately.

these next few are better - 2000 pacific crown collection gary sheffield (jackie robinson)
2000 pacific crown collection devon white (jackie robinson)
and 2000 upper deck adrian beltre (ron cey)
thanks john, and be sure to check out johngy's beat!


MrMopar said...

4 - 2007 upper deck sweet spot classic steve garvey/reggie smith dual auto

This one is in the checklists, but was never made apparently. i highly doubt that a single copy would fail to appear at auction after 5+ years. If someone had the ability to have the unsigned version signed by both, it would make for a good conversational piece.

gcrl said...

hey curt. i think you are thinking of that dual jersey card of smith and garvey that was supposedly supposed to include an autographed version. this is the sweet spot dual auto that does exist, but usually with smith's auto quite faded. there's one on ebay now that used to be offered for about $20, but that's too much for such a faded auto.


MrMopar said...

You are correct, I was thinking of the dual jersey card. Those S/S cards suck! Most of them faded badly! I still cry a little over the S/S Glove card I have of mIKE marshall that bled into a smear-like spot! GRRRR!!!!

Johngy said...

Glad to help.
I enjoy the site and very glad to contribute!