17 February 2013

get in shape with steve garvey's total conditioning program

this is it! the 12th and final installment of the 1979 post raisin bran steve garvey's baseball tips!  i've been doing a weekly countdown to spring training, and now that teams are reporting and working out, it's appropriate that the last of the 'cards' deals with conditioning.
i'm not sure if they do the tire runs in baseball.  they do a lot of stretching, though.  here's the garv himself on his 1987 topps card
although brett butler is a bit more limber, as seen on the back of his 1995 upper deck collector's choice se card
sometimes, it's easier to stretch in pairs, as jt snow and chili davis demonstrate on snow's 1993 upper deck card
once you're done stretching, you might do some running, like hal morris on his 1997 upper deck card
he's got the same idea as kenny lofton
while charles nagy hits the stairmaster
and don't forget the sliding drills! even pitchers like jeff suppan need to learn how to slide properly.
even though it doesn't look much like spring here in minny, i know that it's spring in florida and arizona, in part thanks to steve garvey and his baseball tips.

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