01 February 2013

it's not alway as good the second time around

do you remember seeing these things back in 1996?  the pinnacle zenith moziacs?
i did not own one, but was made aware of them somehow.  i thought they looked pretty cool, but was probably more seduced by their perceived rarity - 1 in 10 packs (although i didn't buy more than one or two packs, so i figured they were less prevalent than that).

the 1996 version is buoyed by the presence of three-fifths of the five straight rookies of the year - raul mondesi, mike piazza, and hideo nomo (eric karros and todd hollandsworth, not shown).  two of those three guys were home grown dodgers, with nomo joining as a free agent.
then, in 2005, donruss revived the moziac as part of their zenith release, and the dodgers' version of the card featured jeff kent, milton bradley, and jd drew.
a less dynamic design, coupled with the fact that all three of those guys were free agent signees and turned out to be dodger short-timers for the most part, make me fairly amibivalent toward the card.

also from donruss in 2005, i have this prime patches milton bradley autograph
i picked it up back around the time it was released, as i was rooting pretty hard for bradley to succeed.  even after he was traded to oakland, san diego, seattle, and chicago - i kept hoping for the best.  now he's facing some serious charges and it's apparent that the best is already gone from the realm of possibilities.

back to the mozaics - if panini were to revive it today, would they go with matt kemp, clayton kershaw, and andre ethier? or would it be adrian gonzalez, zack greinke, and hanley ramirez.  i know which one i would prefer.

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Fuji said...

How did I miss these? I have to track down the 1996 versions of the A's and Padres. These cards are awesome!