23 February 2013

there is no photo of the netherlands' female field hockey team in this post

sorry fanboys.  these are just some cards that i received from jeroen, the dutch card guy.  night owl used some fancy imagery to peak your interest in his post about cards he received from jeroen, but i won't do that here. 

i will wait for you to return from night owl's post, however.

ok, here we go.

i didn't get the shiny goods that greg did, but i did get a 1983 dodgers police dave stewart
and bob welch
i went to the games at which these sets were given away the first few years.  i had a love/hate relationship with the cards - really the only thing i didn't like was the size.  i am always curious how some people have one or two of these lying around.  i never considered breaking my sets up, but then again, i am a dodger collector.  these days, i do have some garvey singles in my garvey pc, but i still have the complete sets, too.

moving on, here's a 1987 indiana blue sox broder card of general soreness, mike marshall
and here's a fully licensed 2009 upper deck sp authentic card of matt kemp
remember when upper deck had a license to feature logos?  that was nice.  usually.

i didn't participate in the golden giveaway thingy last year, probably because i didn't buy any packs until update came out.  jeroen sent me a sandy koufax adorned code card which is nice
i might have to look for one of those cards on the secondary market.  it looks nice and shiny.

i'll end this trade post with a 2009 topps 206 james loney card
actually, i'll finish with a link to some photos of the netherlands' female field hockey team.  i'm sure james loney understands.

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The Dutch Card Guy said...

Glad the arrived safely, next one is one the way with some minis ! Going to now quickly review your link to the dutch ladies !