08 February 2013

an ovation for the atomic giant dimwit

as you all know, sam over at the daily dimwit runs a nice group break.  i've been fortunate enough to snag the dodgers on a few occasions, including in the december break.  sam was busting boxes of 2011 topps chrome, 2011 topps lineage, and 2006 upper deck ovation.  i got some good stuff.  like this chrome ivan dejesus jr atomic refractor
what a face!  and then there was this - a hong-chih kuo rookie card from the ovation box
sweet numbered goodness!

my second team in the break was the tampa bay (devil) rays.  here's a card of carl crawford, who might make his dodger debut this year if all goes well on the inury rehab front
i also got this large evan longria card from the lineage box - is it supposed to be a homage to 1964 topps giant?
whatever it is, it's available for trade.  i'll keep the other stuff.  thanks sam!

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