16 February 2013

black as coal

continuing on from today's earlier post, i present more cards from night owl.  these were part of a contest that i won, and i'll begin again with a black card.  not a walmart parallel, but just a 2012 topps heritage black bordered parallel of former dodger (and dodger double dipper) randy wolf.
the contest winnings were quite a colorful assortment of cards.  here's a 2012 topps jason vargas red bordered card from target.
and, continuing down the rainbow, here's a card with plenty of orange, not to mention airbrushed hats.  it's a 1972 topps angels' rookie stars card
although it seems to be devoid of stars.  that's ok, though, because it does feature billy parker, whose first major league hit was a walk-off home run in his big league debut.  check out this story to learn more about him.

more colors - no yellow bordered card, but there was a gold bordered 2012 bowman brandon mccarthy card
and then a 2012 bowman chrome brandon beachy green refractor
that means we are at the 'blue' part of the color prism, so here's a 1982 topps dave stewart rookie card
not blue enough?  tough.

on to purple - here's a purple parallel of yoenis cespedes from 2012 topps chrome
writing that reminded me of the lemonheads 'purple parallelogram'.

more purple, but also black, comes by way of this 2011 topps heritage black bordered parallel of the rockies' ubaldo jimenez
actually, there's not much purple on that uniform at all.

i'll end with some shiny - this 2012 topps ken griffey jr value box refractor thingy
it's pretty sharp, but it won't be in my hands for long.

thanks greg, and congrats on all those readers that inspire you to give away cards.

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