22 February 2013

card games

i didn't realize until recently that there was an uno game licensed by mlb. 
it's not surprising given the history of playing card issues from the 90's and earlier, but i hadn't seen it anywhere before i purchased some oddball dodger items last month.  anyway, i was able to pick up the entire dodger team set
yes, apparently only eric gagne represents the boys in blue in the game.  at least he's not a 'draw 4' card.

another card game i didn't know about was mlb trade up
it was released in 2007, and was one of those interactive dvd board games.  thankfully, this guy broke up the game and offered me the rafael furcal card
i was aware, of course, of the better known mlb showdown game that has not only individual player cards that are easy to track and identify, but these other cards that may or may not feature players of one's favorite team.
this one features dodgers tom goodwin and angel pena with mark grudzielanek, a bat boy, and maybe even adrian beltre, but the image has nothing to do with the rally cap.  a tip of the rally cap, by the way, to all the people out there who catalog and list these types of cards by team.

also included in the lot were more of the 2005 topps hot button cards.  i picked up the jeff kent card a while back, but now he has some company.

jd drew
eric gagne
and hee seop choi
always a pleasure to find a hee seop choi dodger card.  and to find some oddballs that i didn't know existed.


Bo said...

I got some Yankee UNOs as a giveaway at a Yankee game two or three years ago - they had a similar design.

Captain Canuck said...

cool. i wonder if there were any Bravos in that Uno deck.

P-town Tom said...

Okay now. Which of those Gagnes would be considered the base? And which three are the color variation parallels?

gcrl said...

Ha. I'm sure there must be a foil version somewhere, too.