21 May 2014

six of one, a half dozen of the other

i wrote a post earlier this year about my vascillation regarding collecting the 2014 topps heritage set.  i noted that i was still trying to finish the 2003 upper deck vintage set that used the 1965 topps design, as well as pay some attention to the 1965 topps set itself.

since then, i've decided not to chase the heritage set, and i picked up the last six cards i needed to complete what i consider to be the base 2003 ud vintage set.  i still 'need' most of the 3-d slugger subset cards that seem to have been ridiculously short printed, but i am going to consider this set complete without them.

the last six cards i needed were all short prints themselves, led by ichiro
and mike piazza
the other four were cards that seem to be a mashup of 1965 topps and 1976 topps traded.

cliff floyd
kenny lofton
jeremy giambi
and carlos pena
the giambi and pena trades were played out in the 'moneyball' movie.

so, with that set done, i guess now i'll really focus on 1965 topps.  i've started by picking up 6 random needs at a low cost.  i think with heritage this year, there has been a renewed interest in the 1965 cards (i am proof of that), so cheap lots are hard to come by.  anyway, here are the six cards i've obtained recently.

pedro gonzalez
i swear that looks like a cow in the background…

bill stafford
two yankees!  i still need that mantle guy, though.

tommy mccraw
sammy ellis
jim hannan
and dick stuart
who is wearing a pirates jersey even though he had spent the two seasons prior to this card's release in boston with the red sox.  he later played for the dodgers in 1966.

speaking of dodgers, i need to track down most of them again for the set.  anybody got an extra koufax?

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Mark Hoyle said...

I think I might try to grab a few 65's this weekend also.