10 May 2014

angel-ic double play turns

former dodger angel berroa knew how to turn two.  in fact, you can follow the progress of his career with cards featuring the double play turn.  to start, here is a 2002 leaf card of the 2003 american league rookie of the year
in 2004, berroa got this card in the skybox limited edition set
of which there was a retail/non die-cut version
he was still turning two after that, as seen on this 2005 fleer platinum card
as well as his 2005 topps
and 2005 topps chrome cards
2006 came around, and fleer gave us what i believe to be a dp turn in the making
as well as an indisputable dp turn on his fleer ultra card
in 2007, topps gave us this card
which shows berroa toeing the second base bag while in the act of throwing - that's a double play turn.  now berroa only played 9 games in the big leagues in 2007, so there aren't many cards for him in 2008.  this is unfortunate, because what few cards there are of berroa from that year feature him as a dodger.  also unfortunate is that none show him in the act of turning two.

in fact, it wasn't until the 2009 topps update & highlight set was released that we were treated to another berroa double play card
and that would be the last one, too, as berroa's career ended in 2009.

i do have a few other angel double play cards to show, however.  from the california angels, here are damion easley
and rex hudler
on 1995 pacific and 1995 score cards, respectively.  hudler gets another nod thanks to his 1995 score gold rush parallel.
it's too bad that angel berroa never played for the angels in the same way that it's too bad that jose and ozzie canseco never played for the twins.  yes, twins stan and stu cliburn both played for the angels, but that doesn't really have anything to do with this post.


Robert said...

I'd have to say the 2005 Topps is my favorite card of the bunch, great action shot!!

Nick said...

Angel Berroa was never the greatest player around, but he sure had some awesome cards. That throwback/DP combo is terrific.