18 May 2014

sunday morning target dodgers

here are another 15 gentlemen (well, 14 since one guy on this sheet was a double dipper and so will get a post of his own) who wore the dodger/robin/superba/bridegroom/groom uniform between 1890 and 1990.  not a lot of household names here in this batch.

eddie basinski
basinski was a member of the 1944 and 1945 dodgers.  he played in a total of 147 games and hit .261 for brooklyn as the team's shortstop, replacing pee wee reese during world war ii.  basinski had not played organized ball prior to his stint with the dodgers, but he did spend several seasons in the minor leagues afterwards, and was even selected to the pacific coast league hall of fame in 2006.

wally clement
clement played for the superbas in 1909, hitting .259 in 92 games.

artie dede
dede had exactly one appearance in his big league career, and it came with the 1916 robins.  he made out in his lone major league at bat, but that was enough to immortalize him as a big league ball player.  he later went on to scout for the dodgers and yankees.

rube dessau
frank rolland 'rube' dessau pitched for the superbas in 1910, and posted a record of 2-3 in 19 games.  just prior to joining the superbas, he pitched for the baltimore orioles who were then a minor league team.  still, he earned a card in the t206 set with baltimore.  dessau later became a minor league manager.

bill w. hart
well, last week's question is answered.  the player in the photos used for both bill f. hart and bill w. hart's cards is bill w. hart.  william woodrow hart played for the dodgers from 1943-1945.  he hit .207 in 95 games with 3 homers to his credit.

roy hutson
hutson here looks a bit like a young fidel castro to me.  anyway, hutson was from missouri and owned a lifetime major league batting average of .500.  he played in 7 games for the 1925 robins, going 4 for 8 with a walk and a sacrifice.

mal mallette
mal's first name really was malcolm.  i suppose his parents appreciated the alliterative feel of malcolm mallette.  mallette's big league career consisted of two appearances for the 1950 brooklyn dodgers.  he pitched a total of 1.1 innings, striking out two new york giants in his debut.  following his playing career, he put his journalism degree from syracuse to use and became a sportswriter.

dan mcgann
mcgann spent a part of the 1899 season with the superbas, but was traded to the senators in july.  his time with brooklyn netted a .243 average in 63 games.  he later became a mainstay on john mcgraw's early new york giants teams.

glenn mickens
mickens spent part of the 1953 season in the big leagues with the dodgers.  he appeared in 4 games, making 2 starts, and finished with an 0-1 record and an era of 11.37.  the first batter he faced, ted kluszewski, hit a home run.  one of the five players mickens struck out in his career was ralph kiner.  unfortunately, kiner was also one of two players to hit a home run off of him.

gary moore
moore is the only los angeles dodger on the sheet.  he played in 7 games for the blue in 1970, hitting just .188.  two of his three big league hits, however, were triples, including one in his first major league at bat.

sam nahem
nahem's big league debut was also the only game in which he appeared for brooklyn.  it came in 1938 towards the end of the season. he was selected to pitch in the first game of a doubleheader against the phillies, and all he did was throw a complete game, allowing three runs, as the dodger won 7-3.  nahem was also 2 for 5 at the plate that day.  the dodgers traded him to the cardinals in the joe medwick deal a couple years later, and nahem returned to the big leagues with saint louis in 1941.

dolly stark
stark was with the club from 1910-1912.  his best season came in 1911 when he hit .295.  he hit below .200 in his other two seasons with brooklyn.  i am pretty sure that this photo is of dolly stark, the major league umpire, and not dolly stark the ballplayer, by the way.

ty tyson
unlike mal mallette, tyson owes his alliterative moniker to a nickname - his real name was albert thomas tyson.  he played for the robins in 1928 after two seasons with the new york giants.  he hit .271 in 59 games for the robins that year, his last in the majors.

rube yarrison
two rubes on one sheet!  we need more ballplayers nicknamed rube these days.  yarrison pitched in 3 games for the 1924 robins, and he was 0-2 with a 6.55 era in those appearances.

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