24 May 2014

everything's shinier in texas

how else to explain the nice package of shiny dodger cards i received from the play at the plate dude a while back?

brian sent some cards from 1997 fleer flair showcase, including one with hideo nomo at the bat
one with raul mondesi looking annoyed with his own antics
one with eric karros looking exasperated by the shortcomings of my scanner
and one with mike piazza seeing red on the back
he also sent a mondesi
and a nomo
from the 1997 upper deck ud3 set, and another karros from the 1998 upper deck spx set
more karros from 1999 fleer brilliants
as well as an adrian beltre rookie from the same set
those cards are brilliantly shiny

as are topps gold label cards.  these are from 1999, and we get karros
and beltre again
this particular beltre card, from 2002 donruss originals, is not shiny
nor is this 2013 panini pinnacle clayton kershaw card
but they are appreciated nonetheless.

this matt kemp card, also from 2013 panini pinnacle, is clear and shiny
while this adrian gonzalez museum collection parallel from the same release is kind of a mess when scanned
back to some really shiny stuff, brian also sent a trifecta of purple refractors from 2013 topps chrome - adrian gonzalez
andre ethier (stupid scanner)
and paco rodriguez
thanks brian!


Nick said...

I have to find me one of those "Clear Vision" Pinnacle inserts.

Stealing Home said...

Love that Nomo at bat card

Fuji said...

There's just something awesome about those multi-image shiny 90's issues. I've always liked Flair Showcase and Topps Gold Label for that reason.