17 May 2014

dime box double plays

nick from dime boxes was at it again, recently.  he sent me some cards which included a few double play turns that were new to my collection.  have a look.

2014 topps opening day kolton wong blue parallel
1991 leaf jody reed
you can see the black armband on reed's sleeve for tony conigliaro

1992 upper deck kurt stillwell
which wasn't really new to my collection (nice tatooine scene, by the way), but now i have a copy for the binder that i can use to show the dp turn on the back
looks like it might be a gold hologram version as well.

1993 topps stadium club mike gallego
nothing slides like a deer

1994 fleer  scott fletcher
1994 leaf joey cora
2004 topps traded tony womack
2004 upper deck miguel tejada
channeling 1973 topps

and 2006 fleer ultra jorge cantu
not a good slide from who i assume to be the marlins' alex gonzalez, but some great cards from a great trader and blogger.  thanks nick!

1 comment:

Nick said...

Glad you enjoyed them! That Tejada is very reminiscent of '73 Topps, now that you mention it.