27 May 2014

dave stewart through the mail success and hopefully a pending success as well

here's my 1978 topps update/burger king dodgers card that should have been of dave stewart, signed by the former dodger and three-time world series champion himself.
i sent it in to a hall of fame sports signing a couple of years ago.  if you don't recall, stew pitched in one game for the 1978 dodgers and then didn't return to the majors until 1981.

i recently (6 months ago) took a chance on a 2013 topps triple threads redemption card which promised to deliver an auto-relic of stewart.
i reard (that's how topps shows him in other releases this year), but my hopes were buoyed by panini which issued a short print of him as a dodger last year.  of course, his base card (and certified auto) in that set had him affiliated with oakland.

no matter the result, you can wait for the card along with me, as i have updated the redemption watch feature on the upper right side of the blog (web view only) by removing the clayton kershaw redemption (that one took about two months) and adding stewart.  by the way, i redeemed the stewart code last november, and am still waiting.

he's signed for me once; i hope he does so again...

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