13 May 2014

i cannot believe that this is not a card made by pacific

i have this card in my collection.
it's from 1997 and features the then top dodger prospect, karim garcia.  garcia was more highly touted (at least as far as i can recall) than 1996 nl rookie of the year todd hollandsworth, and i am pretty sure he has more cards than holly as well.  he wound up playing in only 29 games as a dodger over parts of three seasons, which means that there is something like 30 cards of garcia as a dodger for every regular season game in which he actually appeared as a member of the blue.

anyway, i would have sworn that this was from a set produced by pacific, but no.  it's from 1997 topps stadium club, and is a millennium insert.  i am learning more about my collection every day.


Nick said...

I'm blinded! And yet I can't look away.

Definitely reminiscent of Pacific.

Play at the Plate said...

It does remind me of some of Pacific's cards. I've sorted through a lot of those lately.

Fuji said...

It needs more gold foil to be a Pacific baseball card. :-)