30 May 2014

sweet lou whitaker had some sweet final tributes

while picking up some lou whitaker double play cards from 1996, including his donruss
and upper deck cards
(that one is part of the 'young at heart' subset in 1996 upper deck - a nice way of saying 'damn, these guys have been playing for a long time'), i realized that these cards were also his final tributes!

whitaker retired following the 1995 season, one year before longtime double play partner alan trammell hung up his spikes.  here are the backs of the above cards, each of which show whitaker's full career stats
with a trammell cameo on the upper deck card.  nice.

it's not a double play card, but whitaker's 1996 upper deck collector's choice card gets the 'tribute' banner which is nice.
whitaker retired with over 2300 hits, 244 homers, and (the card doesn't show it but it should in this case) 1527 double plays turned - not a bad career at all.

1 comment:

baseballbrent said...

Too bad the Tigers had that dreadful road uniform his final season.

The Score and Donruss are from the same play.

Compare Whitaker and Trammell stats to those of 1st balloters Sandberg and Larkin. An absolute crime.