01 May 2014

through the mail thursday - some quick 1978 topps returns!

i've sent out a few ttm requests over the past month, virtually all of which have been players featured on 1978 topps cards.  these are players whose addresses have recently been added to sportscardforum or whom i've missed sending to in the past, or in at least one case players to whom i've sent a previous request (or two) that had been unfulfilled.  

with this latest spate of requests, however, i've had good luck and received cards back quickly.  have a look.

mickey stanley
rick bosetti
bill campbell
i think i've sent a couple copies of this card to campbell previously with no luck.  i noticed some successful returns this spring and took another shot.  of course, i was down to a pretty ratty version of the card, but that's ok.

eric rasmussen
royle stillman
john verhoeven
and paul thormodsgard
that thormodsgard card is a nice one.  based on his last name, i would have guessed that he was a minnesota guy, but no - he was born in san francisco.  he did come through with some 'minnesota nice' by signing and returning the card in 7 days.

thanks for signing my cards everyone!

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