13 May 2014

have you ever really looked at brian jordan's 2004 upper deck card?

take a look at brian jordan's 2004 upper deck card
there's a lot going on there.  now, jordan was with the rangers when this card came out, but that's ok - i'll take all the dodger cards i can get. especially when they are as unique as this one.  what then, is the most interesting part?

is it the use of holman stadium and its color stratified seats as a backdrop?  that's certainly been done before.

is it the presence of at least six khaki-clad media types walking and standing around in the background?

or is it the presence of the golf cart?  golf carts are always fun to see on cards.

how about all the spring training equipment clutter laying around?  there are a few equipment bags, some bats, a helmet, and even a pine tar rag strewn about.  quite the mess.

plus, there is the random shoe on the left border, next to the equipment bag that is closest to jordan.  whose foot is that, i wonder?

and don't forget about the dodger stadium scene embedded in the bottom part of the card.  that may well be my favorite part of the 2004 upper deck set (from which i actually have very few cards).

jordan himself is not so interesting here, as his pose is nothing out of the ordinary.  however, i do find it interesting that his number is written on the end of the bat barrel.  isn't it usually just found on the knob?

back to the golf cart - did you notice the cooler?  i know what's in most coolers on golf carts.  i wonder what's in that one.

the more i look at this card, the more i realize that just about the only thing missing is manny mota's bicycle.  i wish there were more cards like this.  not a lot of them, but just a few to mix things up.


The Junior Junkie said...

Will we ever see all this great stuff in the background of a regular Topps card?

petethan said...

That is a sweet hot mess! Looking forward to the day one finds its way into my collection. It certainly must hold the record for most random media dudes on one card.

Fuji said...

I've never seen this card before today... but now that I've seen it... I won't forget it. Thanks for sharing.