20 May 2014

yeah, their backs are all yellow

continuing on from this morning's post, here are the rest of my 1971 o-pee-chee dodger cards.  they are easy to spot because the reverse side is all yellow...

maury wills
the 1962 nl mvp was in his second run with the dodgers in 1971
but he was definitely slowing down, as he stole only 15 bases in 1971

dodgers team card
the only year they took the team photo in the pavilion seats, as far as i know.
not too many updates to the franchise record holders other than the pennant winners list.  mike marshall's 106 games would be on there instead of bob miller's 74, and shawn green's 49 home runs eclipses duke snider's 43.  interesting that willie keeler was thought to have had 179 singles in 1900, as baseball reference credits him with 175.  even stranger is that he had 190 in 1899, but that is nowhere to be seen on the back of the card.

wes parker
parker made a run at johnny frederick's franchise doubles record of 52 in 1970, hitting 47
he also had a career best 111 rbi in '71

jim lefebvre
again with the black batting gloves
lefebvre replaced jim gilliam as the dodgers' first base coach late in the 1978 season after gilliam suffered what turned out to be a fatal brain hemhorrage.

jerry stephenson
stephenson was a member of the 1967 red sox and pitched for them in the world series that year against the cardinals
after retiring as a player, he spent almost 40 years as a scout for the dodgers and red sox.

willie crawford
with two black batting gloves!
this is the last of the 'sunburst' backs for the dodgers.

this is where the bill buckner card would be if i owned a copy.  it's listed on my nefarious 9 - help a blogger out!  you will be rewarded big time for this card.

jim brewer
brewer pitched in three world series games - one each in 1965, 1966, and 1974.  he struck out harmon killebrew in his 1965 appearance.
not only do the cards from these last series lack the sunburst photos, but we get no french text either.  at least the backs are still yellow!

walt alston
i found alston's card on ebay from a seller who labeled it as a topps card.  luckily they included an image of the back to let me know that it was the o-pee-chee version
it's a bit banged up, but i'll take it for only a couple of bucks as opposed to twenty or so.

willie davis
3 dog chokes up a bit on his bat
davis made the all-star team for the first time in 1971, and also won his first gold glove that year.

tom haller
1971 was haller's last season with the dodgers.  with duke sims, bill sudakis, and some kid named joe ferguson with the club, haller was expendable.
that's a haller back, yo.

rich allen
a fantastic dodger stadium shot with dead grass and the knee of the photographer.
allen was traded to the white sox after just one season with the dodgers for tommy john, and he went on to win the american league mvp in 1972.  the dodgers did ok with john, too.

jose pena
this card has some circular scuffs, but i don't need to spend a ton of money for an upgrade.
pena was effective in his first 12 outings of 1970 as the text notes, but in his other 23 outings that year, he gave up 26 earned runs.

tom paciorek
i thought for sure that this card would be the last one i would acquire, thanks to the rookie presence of  johnnie b. baker and don baylor.  paciorek was included in the trade that brought dusty to los angeles, much to my excitement.
there were just over 100 minor league home runs at the time between the three of them, but they combined to hit more than 650 big league home runs.  that's a powerful card.

i'll keep an eye out for the billy buckner rookie, but i will also turn my attention to the 1972 o-pee-chee dodgers.  thank goodness the o-pee-chee set from that year tops out at number 525 - no steve garvey, don sutton, hoyt wilhelm, or frank robinson cards to worry about!

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Nick said...

I would LOVE to track down the OPC version of that Dick Allen one day. It's easily one of my favorite vintage cards.