31 May 2014

they came from outer space

what a great haul of cards i received recently from david at tribe cards as a result of his generous 'tribe cards from outer space' giveaway.  in all the packs david opened last season, he only pulled one steve garvey card (1993 ted williams) and one davey lopes card (1987 topps record breaker), but there were other dodgers and random players i had drafted that were well represented.  like alfredo griffin.
that's his 1988 donruss baseball's best card, and this is his 1990 fleer card
i picked up alejandro pena somewhere along the way, and was rewarded with a 1987 fleer card
here's a 1992 topps stadium club mike sharperson card
and a couple of billy ashley cards - 1994 donruss triple play
and 1994 topps
also from 1994 topps, here's jim gott
james loney was represented by his 2012 topps a&g card
my strategy was to draft dodgers, members of the dodger team of my youth, and middle infielders - hoping for some double play turns.  that meant that i received some non-dodger cards of former dodgers, like this 2012 topps a&g black bordered mini of russell martin
and more yankees - tommy john
and rick rhoden
from 1988 donruss baseball's best.

i also wound up with tim wallach on my list, so received his baseball's best card
as well as that of fellow expo bryn smith
and giant craig lefferts
i can explain bryn smith - here's his regular 1988 donruss card, by the way
as he's a local guy made good and i sometimes think about pulling together a player collection.  but lefferts?  i forgot why i added him to my list until i saw his regular donruss card
featuring the right field pavilion at dodger stadium as a backdrop.

i've got some more cards from this package to show off, and i'll do so later today...

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