31 May 2014

these also came from outer space

here are some more cards from my 'team' in the 'tribe cards from outer space' pack opening extravaganza hosted by david from tribe cards.  i mentioned earlier that one of my strategies throughout the season was to pick up middle infielders in the hopes of getting some double play turns.  i was successful a few times, and wound up with this 1993 leaf mariano duncan card
and a 1997 fleer rex hudler card
that were new to me.

my other draft strategies included dodgers (of course) and members of the teams of my youth.  players like elias sosa, who showed up in a 1981 fleer pack (or was it a repack?).
overall, i received quite a few expos.  mitch webster (former dodger) was an expo on his 1988 o-pee-chee card
and tim wallach (another former dodger) showed up twice in a 1992 leaf pack - regular and black gold
those cards, plus a couple others of the current dodger bench coach have been shipped out to new mexico already.

another expo that fit into my former dodger and middle infielder strategy was delino deshields, seen here on his 1993 leaf card
but the most welcome expo of my 'team' was vladimir guerrero.  i wound up with a few vladdys, including this 2000 pacific crown collection card
i might like the red hats more than the red, white, and blue ones.

here's a 1995 topps cyber stats parallel of felix fermin
i drafted him in hopes of some double play cards.  this bunting card is on its way to 2x3 heroes.

howie kendrick was another middle infielder added to my team.  he delivered a 2013 topps a&g regular and mini combo
i beat david to the punch in adding former dodger (and indian) casey blake, and so i wound up with this 2004 fleer ultra card
which also features the mel harder and larry doby memorial patches.

there aren't too many cards of aaron harang as a dodger, but i was hoping for one or two when i added him to my player list.  instead, i received this 2011 topps gold parallel featuring him with the reds
i'm not complaining, though.

thanks david!

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JediJeff said...

Thanks for clearing up that Blake card - I had no idea what uni he was wearing with the weird patches.