24 August 2009

bill buckner through the mail success!

there are two things that i am woefully behind in right now - posting about trades and posting about ttm successes. i am keeping up pretty well with sending trades out, but i am not doing so well in posting about the cards that i receive in return. i hope to get back on track shortly. with ttms, it's the same thing. i'll try to do better.

anyway, here's a nice return from bill buckner. buckner is pretty much a sure thing (it took only 9 days), but he charges $10 per auto. that's ok with me; i think he's earned it.

with that in mind, i sent a 1972 topps and a 1978 topps for him to sign.

the 1972 card

is his first solo issue, after two years of multi-player rookie cards, and comes complete with the topps rookie cup.

his 1978 card is his first with the cubs, but that's how i will always picture him, because the 1978 card was the first of his that i ever saw. buckner was part of the dodgers' legendary draft of 1968, and was traded to the cubs in the rick monday deal after the 1976 season. he wound up playing 8 seasons for the cubbies (same as he did for the dodgers, if you count his one at bat in 1969), and led the league in batting average in 1980.

we all know about buckner and the 1986 world series (i choose to blame bob stanley and calvin schiraldi, not billy buck), but let's not forget that this guy played in four different decades and retired with over 2700 hits, good for 55th all-time. not too bad.

thank you bill buckner!

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Tony said...

Nice. I have his 78 OPC autographed, as well as his 90UD playing for KC with the rolled up tarp in the background looking like a hole between his legs. When I got it signed, I remember him mumbling "I hate this card". I think there might have been an expletive in there as well....