20 June 2012

living too much in '82

me and uncle rico.  truth be told, i don't care a whole lot for the 1982 topps set.  even back as a kid, the hockey sticks, the colors the dodgers were given by topps, the facsimile auto, and the lack of postseason cards were only slightly offset by the inclusion of the steve sax/mike marshall/ron roenicke rookie card and four fernando valenzuela cards.

it was a set that more recently, i typically avoided when sending out ttm requests.  if i did send out a card from the set, it was usually one of the in action cards or rookie cards to send because of the absence of the aforementioned facsimile auto, or, as in the case of dennis lewallyn, it was one of the only options.

still, a card signed by a dodger is a card signed by a dodger, and when i saw a well known grapher selling some of his wares on ebay, i took a shot with a few cards.  i didn't win any of the 1978 topps cards he was offering, but the low opening bid was good enough to score some 1982 topps cards.

here's terry forster
forster is one of the guys i am still chasing for the modest 1978 topps dodger autograph project.  i did buy a card off of ebay a while ago, but i would prefer something more verifiable.  i sent a card to hall of fame sports last year, but forster was too ill to attend the event.  they are trying again this year and i have my fingers crossed.

here's davey lopes
good, clean, bold lopes autos are tough to find.  i am more and more thankful that he signed both of his 1978 topps cards for me back in the early days of my pursuit.

rick monday
monday is another tough one to get ttm.  i have a card signed by him that i will be showcasing sometime down the road.  it's pretty awesome, but i had to pay for it through hall of fame sports.  i'm not complaining, though.

here's jerry reuss
not much different between then and now for reuss, who is a fantastic ttm signer.  after i posted my first success from him back in 2009, he emailed me and asked how to get the word out about his availability for ttm.  i think the word is out.  speaking of which, i have a few ttm successes of my own yet to share - maybe in a post in a couple of weeks to coincide with reuss' appearance on the oh my o-pee-chee blog.  hopefully i don't get another email telling me to stop sending him cards to sign

finally, i picked up a steve garvey in action auto
pretty sure i have one already, but i can put this in the ttm/non-certified auto binder instead of the garvey binder if that's the case.

i should note that, while i won each of these for the opening bid ($0.99), i paid $4.95 in shipping (essentially $0.99 each after the seller discount).  a bit steep for five cards, but not too out of line when you win multiple items from most sellers.  i was shocked when the cards arrived in a pwe with a 63 cent stamp on it.  the cards were obviously protected, but i did not expect a pwe when i paid almost $5 in shipping.  to the seller's credit, he did refund me $1 after i complained, but i don't think he understood what my beef was.

anyway, i have the cards and i am happy to add them to my non-certified autograph collection!

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