19 June 2012

i spy an sp

i was relieved when 2012 topps series one came out and there were no dodger variations.  no pies in the face of whomever, no rodents or seagulls or anything else.  not even a frank mccourt in effigy variation.  now that series 2 is out, there are two dodgers sp's (that i am aware of), and the first of them arrived in my mailbox recently.

good golly, those are some baggy uniforms on the clayton kershaw variation
think of the wind resistance!

i didn't have the regular version of the card in hand when writing this post, but i did have a golden moments insert that features it for comparative purposes
of course, the image is the same (or at least similar) to the 2012 topps opening day kershaw card, as well as his card from the 2012 topps dodgers blister team set.
and, with series 2 out, that means i can get to my annual post comparing the flagship cards to the factory team set.  look for it soon!

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