11 June 2012

for one brief moment...

i've bought some cards on ebay recently - some vintage dodgers, some recent stuff, some a hodgepodge of dodger relics.  at any rate, my mailbox has been somewhat full so at first i didn't think too much of it when i opened a bubble mailer and this card slid out.
it's a 2012 topps tribute steve garvey auto, numbered out of 24.  i knew i had been watching a couple of auctions for these cards, but i didn't recall even bidding on one.  i would say about 5 years ago i stopped being a 'collect at all costs' garvey collector, so it's not a big deal to me to let his higher valued autos or relics go by the wayside if i'm not feeling the design or the price or whatever.  this card, as i watched the auctions, fell into the 'more than i want to pay' category.

i looked at my phone and determined that, in fact, i had not won this card in an auction.  instead, i had won a 2007 sweet spot steve garvey auto from the same seller.  not a bad deal for me to have received this card instead, but i did the honest thing and sent the seller a note.  as i am typing this (friday night) i have not heard back from him, although i have to believe that the other buyer has also sent him a note.

this is the second time that something like this has happened to me, but the first time i didn't receive a card that i coveted so much.  still, once the seller gets back to me, i'll send the card on its way, happy to have 'owned' it for even a short period of time.


Carl Crawford Cards said...

That's the problem with super collecting a popular player. It comes down to some guy with WAAY deeper pockets than you have. The golden days of CC collecting (pre-All-Star catch) I could get low numbered autos (think /5) for <$20. Now, even though last year was subpar and he's been out this year his cards STILL go for more than I would reasonably pay. Oh well.

Anyway, kinda cool to get that card, and good on you for sending the note to the seller. Not enough honest folks on the eBay!

MrMopar said...

They have come way down. Last one sold for $50 and there is one listed at $29.99 w/ no bids. They started close to $100, but there are also three different versions too. 2 Dodger versions and a Padre version.

I am growing tired of the high price to pay when you fight for these never ending supplies of newer, low print run cards.

I thought collecting #6 would be fun, both those are even more expensive than most. I just let one go today that I felt the seller was gouging for and the "other" Garvey buyer I compete with the most ended up with it for $60.

MrMopar said...

How funny. The seller emailed me today, asking if I received the right card. I checked and it looks like I won that card! That confirms that my Garvey buying has risen to ridiculous proportions...I had not even noticed I didn't get my card!!

I am not sure if he sent me something wrong or just didn't send to me at all.

MrMopar said...

Confirmed. I got your card and you got mine. I confirmed w/ the seller today. I asked him how he wanted to handle the swap, but I am more than happy to send direct and assume you'd do the same.